Change Log


  • Improve: General - Several smaller fixes, Typos fixed, Fixes some smaller issues in several views
  • Improve: System - Added method to search for users by permission
  • Improve: System - Fixed some JavaScript errors with data grids
  • Improve: Visa - Added option to inform visa_processLetters users dynamically, separate options for availability in System for user and visa_processLetters users


  • Improve: Preview - Added option to withdraw contribution via user interface


  • Add: ModuleStructure - Introduce module wise loading of parameters
  • Improve: ExportPrint - added additional replacement options to export ({department}, {street}, {zipCode}, {email})
  • Improve: Import - Fixed Language
  • Improve: Menu - Added public resources menu and display it on demand, improved options/conditions for display control
  • Improve: ReviewerManagement - Small fixes and improved wording, Added option to set agreed status, when creating a new Reviewer


  • Improve: ReviewerAssignment - Added display option for affiliation, topic, speciality
  • Improve: ReviewerAssignment - Added translation
  • Improve: ReviewerManagement - Small fixes and improved wording


  • Improve: ReviewerManagement - Added simple add reviewer add mode, added bcc option
  • Improve: Style - Improved Styling for SelectPicker Control
  • Refactor: ReviewerManagement - Refactored messages to Message_DataModel::systemSender


  • Fixes: General - Typos fixed
  • Improve: General - Improved several styling information


  • Fixes: General - Several smaller bug fixes
  • Improve: General - Improved layout for data tables


  • Improve: Submission - added correspondence language for each author (defaults to user-language)


  • Add: MessageEasy - added simplified bulk messaging manager


  • Fix: NewIndividualMessageCaller - Fixes an opening issue with multiple instances
  • General: System - Modifications in media data structure


  • General: DateTimeService - Introduce Service Helper to standardize date/time handling


  • Improve: Conference Editor - Smaller fixes
  • Improve: Conference Editor - Preparations for Full Paper Peer Review System


  • Improve: Password Recovery - Check all active contact e-mails to identify the reset password account (use account with latest update, if multiple accounts identified)


  • Fixes: General - Several smaller fixes
  • Improve: Individual Message - Fixes an Issue with not displayed messages in small resolutions, hide content preview in selection grid
  • Improve: Signup - e-mail repeat cannot copied/pasted
  • Improve: Submission - Added appropriate text for submission saved as draft in final step
  • Improve: Submission - Added option in contribution format to enable/disable street and zip in author affiliation form


  • Improve: Program Builder - Session shortcut is a required field now.


  • Add: Dashboard Admin - Fix scroll issue with bootbox
  • Add: Individual Message - Added widget to create a new internal/email message: first implementation in abstract preview and admin user
  • Improve: Admin User - Improved topic selection: added de-/select all buttons and group wise selection
  • Improve: Welcome Event - Added iCheck control to property window after starting a new submission


  • Improve: Individual Message - Added options for CC and BCC receiver, send only one physical email to all included receiver
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Improve the sub-session header for missing and/or double information


  • Fix: InBox - Fixed a misspelled field identifier
  • Improve: InBox - Added reply to


  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Fix some minor styling issues


  • Fix: Submission - Utilize gender is available option


  • Add: Submission - Added brief history of actions the user is doing (contribution_history table)
  • Add: Submission - Added option to enable/disable request for publication of summary within online program
  • Fix: DefaultViewModel - Fix a selection issue for the getPresentationsCount
  • Improve: Program Builder - Added list of rooms used by a session while deleting a session
  • Improve: SelectPicker - Added group wide de-/select
  • Improve: Session Builder - Added ckEditor
  • Improve: Submission - Added hint that an e-mail is necessary for a presenter change after submission deadline


  • General: System - Cleanup and preparation for 20.x releases
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Added options for the publication of the online program and the display of assigned sessions in the my presentations module
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Added option for the automated calculation of the display hours in the online program SVG overviews
  • Improve: UI - Improved style for tab controls


  • Fix: Submission - Fix display issue of figures on check submission page


  • Improve: Dashboard - improved filter to hide ignored review assignments
  • Update: FontAwesome - Update to version 5.12.0


  • Add: Import - Excel import of multiple users including the setup of reviewer, master and roles
  • Improve: SessionBuilder - added option to display/hide already assigned abstract


  • Fix: FileBox - added 'ob_clean()' before sending file to prevent damaged downloads
  • Fix: DownloadController - added 'ob_clean()' before sending file to prevent damaged downloads


  • Fix: ContributionDataModel - Fixed an error while saving data [ArticleType::getArticletypeLabels instead of ArticleType::getLabels()]


  • Fix: OnlineProgram - Fixed an issue with the history state in the mobile program
  • Improve: Review - Improve Tooltips of slider for review categories


  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Download of presentations for free lectures
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Minor updates in UI and harmonization of development state in all three program types


  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Improve PDF mass-creation of door signs


  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Improve PDF creation of door signs


  • Fix: Dashboard - Fix an issue with the presentation confirmation chart
  • Fix: OnlineProgram - Fix display of session description in mobile program
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Improve PDF export of overviews


  • Add: Report - Added an Export XLS for SpeechCon
  • Fix: General - Fixed issue with environment setting
  • Improve: Submission - Auto hide DropDownList for language, topic and presentation type, if only one valid value is available


  • Fix: ContributionCleaner - Fixed malicious grouping of authors in the author clean tool
  • Fix: ContributionFormatSetting - Fixed malicious default settings


  • Fix: OnlineProgram - Fixed malicious link in the search result, when no session shortcut is assigned


  • Fix: ExhibitionDesigner - Fixed some minor issues with Lot updates and contribution selection in the Exhibition Designer
  • Fix: OnlineProgram - Fixed an issue with the full text search and null content
  • Improve: AdminDatabase - Extended the general re-setup when flushing the database
  • Improve: General - Folder clean
  • Improve: General - Updated several general models
  • New: SetupContributionformat - Added a first form for the setup of contribution formats


  • Improve: ExportPrint - Added support for the override location option
  • Improve: Reports - Added support for the override location option
  • Update: FontAwesome - Update to version 5.11.2


  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Added an override location option to display another room than the selected ones, Added backend editor for SVG-Names and location override


  • Improve: ConferenceImages - Added support for a copyright information


  • Improve: GMS Export - Added support for Affixes and Acknowledgement
  • Improve: AuthorClean - Show number of author name usage, to identify an "common spelling"


  • Fix: OnlineProgram - Added a new session ICS download (Session appointment invitation)
  • Fix: OnlineProgram - Fix an timezone issue with ICS download


  • Fix: Visa/OnlineProgram - Fix an issue an updated mPDF version


  • Fix: Privacy - Fix an issue with downloading privacy as PDF file
  • Fix: Submission - Fix the sender name in submission report email


  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Added download for session ics and presentation ics (including configuration)
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Added semi automated sponsoring in Online Program (including configuration)
  • Improve: Review - Added hiding configuration for Affixes and Acknowledgements
  • Improve: Visa - Added main author only option for visa letter type


  • Improve: Submission - improved config (contribution format) for adding references to a contribution in multiple configurations


  • Improve: Backdoor - wrong user was selected because of faulty column selection (userID != userProfileID)
  • Improve: ExportPrint - Added support for the new acknowledgement and affix types
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - added session name to Chair Index and corrected link to appropriate session
  • Improve: Submission - added config (contribution format) for adding references to a contribution
  • New: ContributionCleaner - Added new module to clean all the contribution content


  • Improve: Submission - added config (contribution format) for adding acknowledgement to a contribution


  • Improve: Backdoor - Switch from deprecated MailSender to MessageDataModel to send e-mails
  • Improve: EventClassIcon - option to switch between different icon-types (fa, fal, fas, fab, fad)
  • Improve: Submission - Switch from deprecated MailSender to MessageDataModel to send e-mails
  • Update: FontAwesome - Update to version 5.10.2 - Preparation for duotone icons


  • Improve: Backdoor - Option to send an individually editable e-mail to receiver of backdoor


  • Improve: Submission - e-mail will be send to the editing author (salutation to editing author)


  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Search - fixed query to find manual session element by partial author name


  • Fix: Export Print - Fix an issue showing affiliations of authors (affiliation count was per author, needs to be per contribution)


  • Improve: Session_Overview - vertical align elements regarding session chair


  • Add: Content Clean - Added first alpha developer-version of a contribution content cleaner mask
  • Fix: Export Print - Fix an issue with free authors in short timetable export
  • Fix: InBox_ViewModel -> 'getUserSignature' returned null instead of string


  • Fix: Export Print - Fix an issue with empty sessions (Contributions not exported), Fix an issue with empty authors, Added topicNumbers and ProgramNumbers to topic export
  • Fix: Online Program - Fix an issue with wrong program numbers in the author index


  • Fix: Conference Images - Fix a label issue


  • Fix: Registration Comparison - Fix an issue with canceled contributions listed in the XLS report


  • Fix: Export Print - Fix an issue with the display of affiliation indexes
  • Fix: Export Print - Fix an issue with the display author names in the topic export
  • Fix: Export Print - Fix some labels and display classes
  • Improve: Export Print - Partly re-written routines for the short timetable, to minimize resources consumption and massively boost the performance
  • Improve: Export Print - Added an auto (un-)grouping option for the index export


  • Fix: Online Program - Display of affiliation and collaboration in session view
  • Improve: Export Print - Add index fields to the short timetable export, further improve performance and queries, New option general_imagesInTable
  • Refactor: Author Clean - Refactor to contribution-cleaner of further development of affiliation and collaboration in session view


  • Fix: Online Program - Fixed display of free authors in sub-sessions
  • Improve: Export Print - Improve Performance and Queries


  • Fix: ProgramBuilder SessionForm - wrong usage of TimetableRoomLabel fixed (use TimetableSessionLabel)


  • Improve: Export Print - minor improvements and bug fixes for the print export
  • Improve: Report Controller - added topic and topic shortcut for review-results list


  • Improve: Contribution DataModel - Auto-trim title
  • Fix: Online Program - Minor fixes in Online Program


  • Improve: Author cell - Improved Highlighting to recognize differences
  • Update: System - Added options for general activation of upload and my-presentation
  • Improve: Scholarship - Optimization of reports, Added language and membership no
  • Improve: Online Program - Added separate name for Online-Program SVG-box
  • Update: Export GMS - Added support/export of images and descriptions
  • Update: Program Planer - Added download for XLS timetable


  • Improve: Export - Minor fixes
  • Improve: Export Print - Removed table for images in contributions
  • Improve: Labels - Minor fixes
  • Improve: Program Planer - Added information for Chair and Lecture assignment


  • Improve: Online Program - Option for general hidden contribution content added
  • Improve: Submission - Switch standard and shift-enter mode. Improved instant clean of trailing nbsp in articles and delete empty paragraphs at the end, insert paragraph if text is inserted plain


  • Improve: Models - trim e-mails by model rule
  • Update: YII - General update Yii project and all dependencies 2.0.22-dev
  • Update: FontAwesome - Update to version 5.9.0


  • FIX: Export GMS - Fixed an issue with articles exported empty


  • Improve: Export Print - Improved Table parsing, split configuration in parameters and styles, match query structure for authors, free authors and chairs for simple unions


  • Improve: Export Print - Improved Index sorting and Author selection


  • Improve: Program Planer - Improved management for responsible persons for sessions


  • Improve: Print Export - Improved the handling of inline tables and lists in abstract content


  • Improve: Submission - Sharpening of the author email validation pattern, to match RFC more
  • Improve: Submission - Instant clean trailing nbsp in an article and delete empty paragraphs at the end


  • Improve: Award Application - Show message if system for advisory recommendation submission is closed because of reached deadline


  • Improve: Export Print - Improved options and routines, added export by topic and Short Timetable


  • Improve: Re-Render - Improved options and routines


  • Fix: Message - Fix of DataModel, when reply is given as string
  • Fix: Database - Fix of views in database
  • Improve: Message - Added new Modules for internal messages


  • Fix: Dashboard - Showing all contribution to a limited user, when no contribution was submitted in his topic


  • Update: FontAwesome - Update to version 5.8.2


  • Fix: Admin Controller - added user check in normal db in line 588 - 595 (previously only checked hub)


  • Fix: Report Controller - added \frontend\models\ProgrammNumber in line 552 (namespace was missing)
  • Improve: Reviewer Assignment - added 'firstname' to available replacements in reviewer got new assignment e-mail


  • Add: Message - send preview to own account and additionally to other cc-addresses
  • Improve: Dashboard - withdraw contribution > store timestamp and user within database
  • Improve: Message - show hint on "send message" tab if receiver list changed in background
  • Improve: Message - include possibility to set reply-to-address


  • Fix: Message - "apply changes"-button was disabled after changes in ck-editor
  • Fix: Message - debug status was shown in placeholders (removed)
  • Improve: Message - added option to send preview e-mail to current account e-mail
  • Improve: Message - history of mailing is now loaded asynchronous after saving content


  • Fix: Submission - summary preview is hidden, if file type is not pdf
  • Improve: Preview/Review - Improved integration of HUB history
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Added session time range in session head
  • Improve: Submission - added file size, page-count and file type to description of summary upload


  • Fix: Excel-Downloads - Fixed issue if document title contains special characters (* : / \ ? [ ])


  • Fix: AuthorDashboard - Fix an e-mail (like) filter issue. Contributions were displayed, on that the author has no permissions.
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Added an option for displaying abstract content
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Added an option for displaying abstract content
  • Improve: Submission - Added an alert, if contribution title is entered in upper/lower case only, Added article type initial placeholder template


  • Improve: Submission - Improved some german labels for better guidance
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Introduce sorting of rooms and session types, Improved options for the display of session names in the svg overview
  • Improve: AuthorDashboard - Added an indicator to each abstract for award applicants


  • Add: ReportController - Added collaboration to pdf creation


  • Fix: ConregInterface - Fixed an issue with doubled entries
  • Fix: OnlineProgram - Fixed an issue with the current time indicator in the svg overviews
  • Update: FontAwesome - Update to version 5.7.2
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Preparation for indication of buildings and "display rooms"


  • Improve: Helpers - Minor improvements and fixes
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Added "colspan" in day overview for sessions that are shared over multiple rooms


  • Add: Profile - Added IEEE SSO membership option
  • Improve: Review - Hide review category hints if empty; Options for request of presentation suggestion and comment introduced
  • Improve: Scholarship - Added support for IEEE SSO membership


  • Add: Report - General Export for GMS added
  • Improve: Reviewer-Management - Shorten form for adding new reviewer user.


  • Fix: PDF export - Fixed an issue with the default styling information
  • Fix: OnlineProgram - Fixed some size posting issues in embedded programs
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Added option to use general overview or not
  • Improve: Welcome - Added deadline to contribution format introduction for more flexibility
  • Refactor: params-program - Added a separate configuration file for the online program
  • Refactor: params-review - Added a separate configuration file for the review process


  • Add: SystemSender - Added a general message sender method to easily send system messages, that supports a languages, preferred plain text messages, the new system messages templating, multiple user e-mails, the internal messaging system and much more
  • Refactor: PasswordReminder - Refactor password reminder to use the system sender method


  • Improve: Submission - error message if uploaded file size of figure is to large


  • Fix: Helpers - adding special character support to MakeAcronym
  • Improve: Export-Print -


  • Improve: Submission - Sorting of presentation types in meta data form
  • Fix: Modals - Modals created by the help of Application.Popup.Dialog do not block calling element (disabled attribute) when closed by icon or escape button


  • Fix: PasswordRecovery - Fix an issue while sending reset e-mail
  • Fix: SignUp - Fix a JavaScript issue


  • Update: FontAwesome - Update to version 5.6.3
  • Fix: FinalDecision - Fix an issue with unwanted updating/redrawing/reordering of the datatable, after a final decision was set
  • Fix: Statistics - Fix a wrong calculation of the available session duration


  • Update: MediaCheck - updated to latest version of MediaCheck controller


  • Fix: Session Planner Add/Edit Chair - Validation of form to prevent sending faulty data to server
  • Fix: Sign Up - evaluation of given permission code (form was submitted no matter which code was given)
  • Improve PDF Download Contribution - Added event name based on db to output file
  • Improve PDF Download Contribution - Added presentation type to output file


  • Fix: Event Page - correct evaluation of contribution format settings to show or hide submission deadline


  • Update: FontAwesome - Update to version 5.6.1


  • Fix: ContributionDataModel - e-mail of author cannot be deleted
  • Improve: Submission - Check Submission: Indicator for no permission addable is only shown if there is an author without given e-mail
  • Improve: Submission - Author Form: removed e-mail indicator below table and added hint to top of tab


  • Fix: ReportConflict - Fixed an issue with the user signature
  • Fix: Review - Fixed some minor issues on the review page
  • Fix: Review - Fixed selection of receiver of conflict messages and TC request
  • Improve: SignUp - Fix of user interface, that sometimes has lead to a corrupt user profile creation
  • Update: FontAwesome - Update to version 5.5.0


  • Fix: FinalDecision - Sorting list by reviewers suggestion
  • Fix: Submission - error while entering headline and content for figure if media label record was not written correctly to database
  • Fix: Submission - fixed bug for entering middle name in author form (readonly attribute)
  • Improve: HierarchicalSelectPicker - Added option for custom item content
  • Improve: FinalDecision - Added Filter for status, Added view final decision permission


  • Fix: OnlineProgram - Fix some minor issues in the online program
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Added hooks for deep linking in mobile online program


  • Fix: Online Program - Fixed some smaller issues in the online Program
  • Fix: Statistic - Fixed some values for the topic statistics


  • Improve: Updated some Labels
  • Update: ConferenceEditor - Added further options for review of conference records/proceedings
  • Update: FontAwesome - Update to version 5.4.1


  • Update: AuthorClean - Added registration ID to DataTable and improved data selection


  • Fix: Report - Total List/Registration report: Fixes an issue of double counted registered presenters, when they are having two e-mails
  • Fix: Report - Total List/Review report: Fixes an issue with bad encoded characters in the review description


  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Improved performance, Optimized UI for smaller screens, Fixed some issues on iPhones, Fixed some issues special Chrome devices
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Added interface for iFrame usage of the Online Program


  • Fix: E-Mail Salutations - fixed support for param transmission_report_salutation in submission and password recovery e-mails
  • Fix: Submission - Fix of sorting of topics
  • Improve: AdminDatabase - Improved table selections
  • Improve: Profile - Improved UI for Affiliation, Improved default options for a new account
  • Improve: Report - Improved fields in the abstract total list, added language support, download via admin dashboard


  • Fix: OnlineProgram - Display dates/times is now language specific (included Yii::$app->formatter->asDate)
  • Fix: OnlineProgram - Filter Tracks in Week at a Glance now shows language specific labels (systemName was shown before)


  • Add: SessionEvaluation - Added parameter isSessionEvaluationEnabled to switch on/off link zu session evaluation in profile tab 'session chair positions'


  • Add: Export - Add a list of unconfirmed presentations (e. g. for a reminder)
  • Add: Online Program - toggle visibility of filter tracks by changing onlineProgram_showTrackFilter in params
  • Add: Profile - added option in params user.requireAffiliation to figure out if an affiliation must be given in profile or not
  • Add: Profile - visibility of birthday input depends on user.requireBirthday option in params
  • Fix: contribution_confirmation - Fixed a typo in contribution_confirmation
  • Fix: Submission - Evaluation of isPortOfLimit in article character/word count fixed
  • Update: German Labels - switched Affiliation in German labels to Institution/Firma


  • Fix: VisaRequest - Added the new algorithm for selection of abstract to all visa letter types


  • Add: Submission - Added option to contribution format settings [keywords][enterMode]
    • unrestricted [default] - free entering of keywords
    • restricted - a list of keywords is shown depending on the selected topic
    • mixed - combined version of restricted and unrestricted
  • Improve: VisaRequest - changed the algorithm for selection of abstract for some visa letter types


  • Improve: Submission - Author-Affiliation-form now provides required options for affiliation elements (company, department...)


  • Add: AdminDatabase - Added module for maintaining the database
  • Improve: EventClassIcon - New options added


  • Fix: Submission - Articles can now be setup with a maximum word count (switch option in contributionFormat-Json paragraph "article[limitationType]" ["character" || "word"])
  • Improve: General - Force HTTPS added


  • Fix: Submission - Fixed evaluation of minimum/maximum number of keywords and improved error message


  • Fix: DataTables - Fixed translation in several views
  • Fix: Layout - Fixed grey bar with empty breadcrumbs
  • Fix: Privacy - Fixed a headers already sent error in the PDF export
  • Improve: DeadlineManagement - Hide deadlines of not activated awardsDataTable::widget


  • Update: FontAwesome - Update to version 5.3.1
  • Fix: Messages - Fixed some static labels
  • Fix: Statistics - Fix statistics for SmartPoster usage


  • Fix: Statistics - Fix statistics for SmartPoster usage
  • Fix: VisaRequest - Fixed a redirection error, which leads to not creatable visa letters
  • Improve: AMcharts - Improved some default options
  • Update: Admin Dashboard - Chart for Presentation confirmation added


  • Improve: General - Display module name and module version in application footer
  • New: Statistics - Added statistics for SmartPoster usage


  • Fix: MailSender - Fixed an issue,
  • Fix: Signup - Fixed issue with validation
  • Fix: Submission - Fixed some minor issues in the submission module


  • Fix: Registration-Comparison - Fixed several glitches


  • Improve: Submission - Improved CK-Editor toolbars for articles
  • Improve: Submission - Separate CK-Editor toolbar for headline
  • Improve: Submission - Improved available characters in Add SpecialChars-Helper: add greek, removed latin


  • Improve: Submission - Improved article layout in submission


  • Fix: Submission - Fix display of Keywords in e-mail and preview
  • Improve: Submission - Improved some labels for a b better guidance


  • Fix: Submission - Fix an issue with sorting of articles


  • Fix: Minor fixes in several modules


  • Update: FontAwesome - Update to version 5.2.0


  • Fix Database - Fix view contribution in a multiple topic environment
  • Fix HierarchicalSelectPicker - Fix default multipleSelectMaxCount value in a none limited max selection environment
  • Update Roles - Fix some role/permission assignments


  • Update Statistics - Topic statistic added


  • Fix Statistics - Fix display-bug in Review history statistic
  • Improve: Dashboard - Update topic statistic and add new values


  • Improve HierarchicalSelectPicker - added new option multipleSelectMaxCount to determine the maximum number of selectable values
  • Improve ExhibitionDesigner - toggle color mode of exhibition preview, improved display quick info popover
  • Update: Submission - Multiple topic selection depends on new config value multipleTopicSelectionCount in configJson of contribution format


  • Update: ExhibitionDesigner - Several improvements of preview map, Toolbox added with tools for session synchronization, defragment of exhibition and re-sort exhibition by topic and contribution


  • Fix: ExhibitionDesigner - Fix sorting by lot number, Fix presentation type filter for unassigned contribution
  • Improve: ExhibitionDesigner - Inserted exhibition statistics and introduce of toolbox
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Option onlineProgram_sequentialIsAvailable added


  • Fix: Dashboard - Fix labels
  • Fix: SessionBuilder - Fix presentation filter for assignment of contributions to a session


  • Fix: AwardApplication - Fix conditions for granted awards display
  • Fix: ExhibitionDesigner - Fix Icons


  • Fix: OnlineProgram - Search and indexes shows Element Numbers, when forbidden
  • Update: OnlineProgram - rename Tabular mode to Sequential mode
  • Update: OnlineProgram - Connection of the sequential program to the application and back


  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Scroll Spy Menu added, Sub-Session added, general Bug-Fixes
  • Improve: Scholarship - Added settled amount to funding source selection


  • Add: OnlineProgram - Tabular mode


  • Improve: Dashboard - Session statistics
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Minor fixes, Prepare tabular mode


  • Fix: SessionBuilder - Fixed default sorting in the session builder
  • Improve: Dashboard - Filter Drafts
  • Improve: Dashboard - Export Abstract as PDF, ignore drafts
  • Improve: Scholarship - New option for accept application defaultGrantExpirationDate


  • Update: FontAwesome - Update to version 5.1.0


  • Add: ProgramNumber - Added new options for various auto-numbering schemes in sessions
  • Update: OnlineProgram - Update to reflect new auto-numbering options
  • Update: SessionBuilder - Update to reflect new auto-numbering options
  • Improve: My Reviewer - Improve statistic of review status display amount as number


  • Fix: Scholarship - Fix selection of best scorer contribution
  • Improve: Scholarship - Improve sorting of best scorer contribution
  • Improve: ProgramBuilder - calculation of element duration added
  • Improve: ProgramBuilder - re-arrangement of inputs in session form
  • Improve: ProgramBuilder - sorting of select lists included (alphabetical)


  • Improve: FinalDecision - Update sorting of final decisions: Open, oral, poster, ..., denied
  • Improve: FinalDecision - Optimize queries for speed up
  • Improve: OnlineProgram - Equalize display of overview/days with a different columns count


  • Fix: OnlineProgram - Option equalColumnsCount fixed
  • Improve: ProgramNumber - Option excludeAutoProgrammNo added
  • Update: ExportPrint - Option excludeAutoProgrammNo added, fixed some sorting issues
  • Update: SessionBuilder - Huge Update on the session builder. We improved UX, behaviour and added new options.


  • Fix: Submission - Saving authors while finalization if no awards available
  • Improve: DeadlineManagement - separate columns for official end system deadline
  • Improve: Dashboard - Filter for contribution tags added
  • Improve: Dashboard - Shorten display of topics, tooltip added
  • Improve: SessionBuilder - Hide session completed checkbox, when session is not filled by max chairs and lectures
  • Improve: Statistic - Update topic filter in Session Completion


  • Add: config - New submission_affiliation_defaultCountryID entry added
  • Add: E-Mail - E-mail signature for technical help added
  • Add: Statistics - Statistic for submissions per presenter
  • Fix: AmChart - Default configuration of pie charts
  • Fix: Dashboard - Fix of display presentation acceptance
  • Fix: FinalDecision - Filter Presentation denied contribution
  • Fix: ProgramBuilder - Internationalization added
  • Fix: Scholarship - Filter Presentation denied contribution
  • Improve: SignUp - Changed creating new account with existing e-mail
  • Update: messages/de - Update labels
  • Update: RoomManager - changed presentation of rooms to DataTables
  • Update: Submission - Updated sorting of zip code and city


  • Add: Statistics - Statistic for review period introduced
  • Add: Statistics - Statistic for submissions per User introduced
  • Add: System - Added a DB table road map
  • Fix: Preview - Error when removing contribution tags fixed
  • Fix: SessionBuilder - Filter presentation-declined contributions
  • Update: AmChart - Adding multiple new methods and options


  • Fix: JobOffers - Fix access rules
  • Fix: Preview - Non hiding spinner
  • Fix: SessionBuilder - Fix link leading to blank screen
  • Improve: FinalDecision - Raise character count for remarks and add remaining char counter
  • Improve: Review - Inform reviewer about (eventually) missing contributions. Visibility is controlled by params: informReviewerNewReviews
  • Update: Preview - Show a contributions from history in HubDb (if available)


  • Add: Application - Global JS DialogHelper added to application
  • Add: Version - Added a version log
  • Fix: ReviewerManager - Select all reviewer from my topic, not only assigned by me
  • Improve: ReviewerManager - Remove all open reviews added


  • Improve: Dashboard - Remove sup from authors in the datatables
  • Improve: reportConflictForm - Filter receiver of refuse review by abstract topic and master/convener topic
  • Update: Final Decision - Change save method to ajax, add comments, option to remove open reviews


  • Fix: ReviewerManager - last movement
  • Improve: Session planner - Improve labels


  • Fix: Profile - useHubDb
  • Fix: Re-Rendering of Affiliation Blocks - counting of affiliations corrected
  • Fix: Topic Change - Display of old and new Topic in e-mail
  • Fix: Topic Change - False Remark Error in Open Request
  • Update: ReviewerManager - Remove Kartik Icons
  • Improve: ReviewerManager - Your reviewer last update -> last movement
  • Improve: Door sign export - Add affiliation options "hide standard country" and "city in affiliation" option


  • Fix: Topic Change - Display of Old/source Topic
  • Improve: Internal Message Sender - Adding CC- and BCC-Options
  • Improve: Model Template Email Content - new field BCC
  • Improve: Topic Change - Adding User signature in Request E-Mail